5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming A Designer In 2020

I have been wanting to talk on this topic for a long time but there was always this instinct that told me that it might demotivate others and also people would take this thing in the wrong way and talk shit about me when they don’t know the whole scene. Here are 5 things you should know before choosing uiux design as a career or this might be relative to any creative field. My name is Rushabh Kulkarni, i am a uiux designer based in mumbai.

I won’t take much of your time, will keep this article super short and try to finish each topic in 1 min.

So let’s start with the first one.

  • Jobs and Salaries

80% and above people in india choose their career based on either parent pressure or because they heard from someone that this particular job is high rewarding and you can own a fucking bmw in the next 5 years and have a villa by urself.

No! There is not a single career which assures you. And if you know any, let me know, i would love to own a bmw 7 series.

Remember one fact, you get what you deserve and if you haven’t worked hard for it, you aren’t getting a shit.

No employer is stupid to pay you money just because that job is high rewarding. You get paid for the skills and efficiency you have and the service you provide to the company.

Don’t get into this tunnel of getting high pay. If you are skilled, you can get a 6 digit salary as soon as you get out of grad school.

I have seen junior designers getting a higher pay than a medium level graphic designers.

  • Minimalism

The whole dribbble, insta and what not other platform has these artist who are constantly creating minimal theme designs. How many of you love minimalism? We all love to create minimal design because we suck at UX Design.

Don’t get me wrong but, that’s what you are doing. You get rid of important elements like policies, manufactures name, ratings etc just to show your minimal design. Adding soft shadows, using less colors, not having think outlines and underlines is not minimalism, it’s basic good design principles which you got confused with.

Apple, zara, h&m fools you with minimalism. Using less colors is minimal but bitch they don not have many colors in their brand identity itself.

You can achieve minimalism even with 10 colors, even with using 4 different fonts and having abstract paper cut outs.

When people say it’s difficult to achieve minimalism and you make some clean design and post it on instagram thinking you are the next john ivy, you are not doing it wrong brother.

  • Practice

I care about you guys and I sometimes dm you on instagram to check what’s going on in your life and to know if you have any difficulties regarding anything and the most common message i get is that “I have been watching design videos recently.” I am like wow, can you show me what you practiced? And they be like, well, i have been just watching and getting inspiration, once i am done, ill start with the design thing. I instantly remove them from primary chats and move to general.

I want to tell you something. If watching would make you a good at something, then half of the boys would have been as good as Jonny sins (pornstar). We all watch those adult movies and clips, watching is fun right, and what if i tell you to replicate what that guy in the movie did, you are gonna mock at your own performance.

Watching and listening is great, learn more, but until you don’t pick up the pencil and the mouse, you don’t know what problems you have. You think i learn’t photoshop while creating app design? No, i used to create stupid photo manipulation, but what happened is i got to use all the tools and understand how to use it. No one taught me to use this particular opacity brush or set angle to 35 degree to get a gradient.

  • Time and Money

Why don’t you want to study in design school, why can’t you register at a particular course? Because you don’t have the time and money? I’ll tell you the actual thing, you don’t want to put in the efforts. I know in india design is still not the career people are aware of but you can do a bit of research and explain it to your parent and assure them that you will be successful.

And coming back to money, i know design is an expensive career, you need a laptop and other small stuff. But here’s a quick breakdown of you monthly expenses. Netflix, hotstar, amazon prime, spotify, games, shopping, club nights and dinners. So on average you are spending 4k -5k per month.

Did you know that udemy provides you with a basic design course starting from Rs700, coursera has a certified course for Rs4k and IDF which is the leading online course for web design has 36 courses for Rs40k only.

I will tell you what’s the other problem, a person you admire said that design is not a rewarding job, so you lost that motivation.

You should have asked a person who himself is a designer. He would have told you how happy he is with his profession.

  • Real Side Of The Industry

Dream big, even i dreamt of it. Me working with data scientist, psychologist and engineers on an Artificial intelligence machine.

Well that isn’t true.

I am not demotivating you but that’s the truth. The road to getting to do this is very far and full of obstacles.

The day you get out of grad school and apply for jobs as a uiux designer, or you apply for internships, you will be told to design basic posters, arrange files, replace colors etc. Just Do It!

Don’t start cribbing that you are not being considered as an employee. Every junior has to do this until they gain confidence in the eyes of their seniors. Even i did. Not for a month, but for whole 3 months. Just downloading shutterstock images, exporting files etc. But soon they considered me as a reliable person and started giving me small task in a website that were designing. After a few meeting, they handed me more elements to be designed for the website. Hang in there. It’s a process. But till the time they don’t use you properly, don’t just idle, learn, adapt and improve and grow every single day.

In a country like india where design industry is not full grown, making futuristic products and making interfaces for apps will be rare. Learn different skills and not just interface design.

The start might be slow, but as soon as you gain a bit of experience, you will be open to the sea of technology. Don’t let location, people, money captivate you. Find jobs where you get to learn more rather than getting higher pay. Pay comes with time and when it comes, it’s huge.

So these were the 5 things i wanted to talk about. I get so many dms regarding salary and jobs and time and all that. I hope your questions are answered. There is no fixed format. Everything depends on you and your skills. Get that portfolio done, get a good mentor and learn and boost your value as a designer.

It’s not about talent, It’s about effort! Effort will get you the win when talent is having a rest day. Effort will drive you home when everyone expects you to give up. Effort will drag you from the canvas when you have been knocked out by life! Sometimes it’s gonna hurt. Sometimes it might even seem impossible. But remember: “It’s only impossible, if you give up.” This is Your time! Refuse to give up! Never settle! And win! At all costs! Because LIFE doesn’t give you what you want. It gives you what you deserve.

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